Generally we do travel to so many destinations in our day to day life. There are so many reasons to travel. For example we travel for recreation, tourism, vacationing, business, to collect the information for research and to meet friends etc.  Some of the trips give us happiness and some of them give us sorrow, that is depending upon the purpose we travel. Here I would like to highlight the trips which give us more happiness.

Here i am going to take you to the places where i have been traveled so far .Generally we can find much information about the places but less photographs   of that particular place. I am starting a small initiative, where you can find information and as well as photographs.



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    I am Badrinarayana Anandam ( Friends call me Badri ) MBA,M.L.I.Sc, B.Ed, Advance Diploma in German language graduate. Presently working with an MNC. From my childhood I have a passion to visit so many places. Every now and then I have been visiting the places. I want to put them all under one roof. For that I have started writing this Website. Visit this Website and give your valuable feedback and comments.

    As I am interested in Temples and Nature , You will find those kind of photographs.

    If you want to write me please mail at .


    June 2013



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